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Here at Intercept Florida, we are your trusted source for virtual receptionist services. We understand that in today’s fast-paced world, businesses, both small and large, need a reliable 24/7 virtual receptionist to ensure every call is answered with professionalism and care. Our virtual office receptionist solutions cater to diverse needs, from medical offices seeking a HIPAA-compliant virtual receptionist to attorneys requiring expert support. Our HIPAA-compliant call center ensures that sensitive information remains confidential, and our commitment to HIPAA-compliant texting makes communication secure. Experience the convenience of a virtual business receptionist that enhances your brand’s image and customer service. Choose Intercept Florida and leave a lasting impression with every call.

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24/7 Access and Convenience

Today’s rapidly changing business climate dictates constant contact with your customers. It’s imperative to know about important calls and emergencies to effectively run your business. With INTERCEPT’s experienced Telephone Service Representatives we provide call confirmation services that are flexible and inclusive in order to satisfy all your notification needs!

“INTERCEPT has changed the way we do business. Never before were we able to capture calls in the late evenings and early mornings, during company wide meetings or luncheons, holidays or events. We have seen a tenfold increase in calls captured from INTERCEPT’s services than when we simply let our after hour calls go to voicemail.”
Nicole Welter, DSD Homes, Inc.
“I am pleased to say that I have been working with INTERCEPT as an answering service since coming to Royal Shell Real Estate. I am happy with their professionalism, customer service, and timely reports. They are very organized and manage messages and email between several of our office locations. When there is a question or a concern INTERCEPT is just a phone call or email away. For anyone needing an answering service for their business I would recommend “INTERCEPT.”
Linda C. Hardt, Administrative Assistant, Royal Shell Real Estate

“It is so nice having you answer our phones. We are so pleased that with you we want you to go from answering just after-hours to now answering our calls twenty-four hours a day. In this case you will serve not as our answering service but as an extension of our organization. We are sending you the FAQs now. Thank you for everything you do!”

Dori Kennedy, Park City Vacation Properties

Proud Recipient of the Award of Excellence for Outstanding Service


It’s our business to answer your phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year following our creed: Courteous, Accurate and Prompt!