Simplify Your Life: Use INTERCEPT’s Voice Mail Services

Most people assume that a company with voice mail services is a large successful business. That just is not true. With INTERCEPT, you too can have a programmed voice mail service that ensures you are either always available to your clients or your employees can communicate to each other. For an individual or an entire company—big or small, voice mail services with or without live operators is an effective economical way to manage your office communications.

Voice Messaging allows a subscriber to access a customized voice mailbox in order to exchange messages anytime and anywhere. A subscriber can listen to, save, reply to and forward messages to other subscribers quickly and easily. This means a message can be left on a main line, but then be sent to the appropriate voice mailbox by a receptionist. In addition, employees can access their voice mailboxes remotely, ensuring any important messages or calls that need to be imminently returned are not overlooked.

We offer a wide range of optional features which allow you to customize the service to your individual needs. This will not only provide you with peace of mind, it also builds trust with your clients or patients. A voice mail service guarantees no call goes unnoticed, even if it cannot be answered. If this service sounds right for your business, consider contacting INTERCEPT to determine which options are appropriate for your industry and your individual business.

To preview a sampling of voice mail box features press the play button below.

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