Today’s rapidly changing business climate dictates constant contact with your customers. It’s imperative to know about important calls and emergencies to effectively run your business. However, there will be moments when your office is closed, it is a national holiday or your in-house receptionist cannot handle the quantity of calls that come in. When this happens, you need support to ensure no call goes unanswered.

With INTERCEPT’s experienced telephone service representatives we provide call confirmation services that are flexible and inclusive in order to satisfy all your notification needs:

  • Wireless – iPhone, BlackBerry, cell phone, PDA, etc.
  • Pagers – text, two-way, digital
  • Email – outbound & inbound
  • Telephones – 24/7
  • Fax – scheduled or on demand

Therefore, whether you cannot immediately handle a call or are away from your desk, an INTERCEPT representative will either handle all incoming calls or will notify you of an emergency.

Telephone service representatives managing calls that require a verification process will:

  • Qualify each call as an ER or Non-ER
  • Execute scripted relay instructions
  • View all historical information
  • Ensure message delivery

In order to ensure every patient, client or customer feels valued, a call cannot go to voicemail. However, because you and your receptionist cannot be in multiple places at once, contracting a 24/7 telephone answering service can ensure no call goes unnoticed. Life and death situations never seem to happen during open office hours. To give you and your clients peace of mind, make sure your lines remain open at all times. An INTERCEPT representative is the key to great customer service.

Let INTERCEPT serve as a communication link between you and your employees to provide outstanding customer service to existing as well as potential customers.

24/7 Access & Convenience