If you have a busy medical or dental practice there are times when you don’t have enough phone lines—or staff—to handle all the calls. We understand that it is more important to have staff to work hands-on with patients than behind a desk handling calls. To ensure no call goes unanswered and your staff can do what they were trained to, we have professional Telephone Service Representatives that can become an extension of your team.

Simply call Medical INTERCEPT, the professional medical answering service.

INTERCEPT will handle all your overflow during busy periods (like the winter season), during lunch hours, or after business hours. We know the importance of handling medical calls promptly and error-free and we can call or text to your cell, email, page or fax you immediately with important and/or emergency calls. Medical emergencies do happen, so we provide the peace of mind of ensuring that life or death call is answered and handled.

With INTERCEPT, there’s no reason for patients to get a busy signal or talk to an impersonal voice mail message or answering machine. With INTERCEPT, your patient calls are handled by a trained, competent, and courteous human being. Furthermore, you and your staff are free to care for your patients without the distraction of overflowing phone lines.

Isn’t that what you, and they, want?

INTERCEPT of Florida Inc. offers a wide range of flexible programs that can be customized to fit your needs. Whether it’s answering all your calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or simply handling your overflow during lunch hours. Let our friendly, multilingual service representatives handle your calls with care!

24/7 Access & Convenience