Event planning can often feel like never-ending logistical overload. With so many elements to consider, the guest list can often feel like too much to handle. Although vastly important, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the registrations. What is a party without guests? That being said, what if there is not even a party for guests to come to? INTERCEPT’s event registration allows you to prepare for the event itself while we manage the registrations. This frees up your time to ensure the event-day logistics can be your main priority.

INTERCEPT has the latest technology and experienced Telephone Service Representatives to provide your customers with a seamless integration of online registration and contact center services. Our contact center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we can therefore provide you with complete call handling, overflow during business hours or backup after hours. This is also incredibly helpful when registrations can be coming in from different time zones.

We can support special events or manage your ongoing class and seminar registration needs as well as assist you with confirmation calls, letters, and registration packet fulfillment. Leave it to an INTERCEPT Telephone Service Representative to manage the guest list, answer questions about the event, and mail out event materials so you can focus on ensuring the party or conference is one they will not soon forget. To simplify your next event and all of the planning and logistics, let INTERCEPT manage the registrations and make sure your guest list is secured.

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