Emergencies never happen at convenient times. In fact, life and death situations are more likely to happen when the office is closed. Therefore, emergency response needs to be a 24/7 matter. Emergency circumstances require a rapid response, your cell or pager may not be enough on its own. You need assurance that someone in your organization is reached when your clients or patients have urgent dispatch needs. INTERCEPT’s emergency dispatch services can be the solution to your emergency response needs. Your clients need to be confident that you are available when they need you most.

We understand that your emergency paging calls are critical to your operation and we work closely with each client to set up specialized emergency dispatch procedures. These procedures can include contacting several individuals at once. By using various contact methods, we can ensure protocols are handled efficiently. Establishing these protocols with you means we are guaranteed to adhere to the customized escalation procedures you establish. This ensures the process of getting the message to you is quick, efficient and trusted.

Digital voice logging is an insurance that conversations between your customers and our representatives are always subject to word-by-word scrutiny and review, as well as legal backup, if needed. In addition, it also allows you to have access to the call, which can be considered crucial when trying to understand the specific needs of your patient during the emergency situation.

Urgent calls require expertise in call handling, consistent processes and accurate information to be disseminated immediately. Our representatives, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, are the answer to peace of mind and immediate emergency dispatching.

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