Your customers and staff can check schedules and make appointments from home or office –– 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You get the convenience of appointment scheduling, with more power and flexibility than any desk top calendar program.

INTERCEPT provides an array of features:

  • Automatic emails
  • Flexible reporting
  • Recurring appointments
  • Control of advance scheduling and canceling
  • Single and multiple appointments per time slot
  • Events
  • Appointment statuses

This flexibility ensures that no appointment goes unbooked. Whether it is a national holiday, a weekend or after hours, your customers and staff can schedule an appointment. These appointments are then placed on a calendar that anyone in the office can access. With this simplified scheduling service, your staff’s time is open to work on the patients or clients, in addition to any other logistical aspects of the day-to-day.

Our appointment scheduling also frees up your phone lines for emergencies and inquiries. By providing customers with an online platform for scheduling an appointment, they are able to choose a time that best fits their schedule without having to be placed on hold. Not to mention, they’ll have the ability to make necessary changes without having to pick up the phone.

With INTERCEPT scheduling, booking appointments just got simpler.

24/7 Access & Convenience