What Is The Difference Between A Virtual Receptionist And A Dedicated Receptionist?

What is the difference between a Virtual Receptionist and a Dedicated Receptionist?

Making the decision to use either a virtual receptionist or a dedicated receptionist is easier than you think. What both have in common is that they are real people located remotely who provide your business with answering services. However, knowing what makes them different will likely help you make the decision on which type of receptionist is right for your business – virtual or dedicated.

Virtual Receptionists – Limited Service

When you hire a virtual receptionist service, you are essentially hiring numerous people providing answering services to many businesses. Working remotely, they accept calls transferred to them at their location – which might be anywhere locally, nationally, or internationally. As one operator takes calls, others are being routed to the next available operator. Typically, these operators do not have detailed information about your business so callers seeking information about it or its services will not be able to get what they need in many instances. In addition, your callers will likely realize that they are working with a call center and not your business staff, which may adversely affect customer satisfaction.

Dedicated Receptionists – Personal Service

A dedicated receptionist is an individual located remotely who is specifically assigned to answer and handle calls that come into your business. Dedicated receptionists are trained to be knowledgeable about your business, your staff, and your products and services. They assist callers just as members of your staff located within your business location would do. The service they provide is so seamless that callers would never know they are speaking with someone taking their call outside your business. Each caller is treated just as you specify by a receptionist who is trained in your business’ protocols.

The Intercept of Florida Difference: Quality Customer Care

Using the latest technology, Intercept of Florida provides both virtual receptionist and dedicated receptionist services and has been in the telephone answering industry for 50 years. We have worked hard to earn a reputation for quality, responsible, and consistent contact center solutions that make a difference for our business partners regardless of their industry. Our commitment to becoming your partner is because we believe that in understanding your business, we will be able to better serve your callers 24/7/365.

Contact Intercept of Florida today to find out more about how we can help you optimize your customer service via Virtual Receptionists or Dedicated Receptionists.

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