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Whistleblower Hotlines REGISTRATION

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires a system to record and follow up on complaints about internal accounting controls. Complaints may come from employees, customers or vendors. Many accounting organizations (e.g.: the AICPA Antifraud Programs and Controls Task Force) recommend that organizations utilize an external hotline service to receive, analyze and report on complaints.

Here's where INTERCEPT can help. We can work with you and establish a confidential hotline for employees, customers or vendors to report expected problems... packet fulfillment.

• Via phone - 24 hours a day using a toll-free number.
• Via fax using a toll-free number.
• Via the Internet on a page customized to you.
• Via an anonymous email address.
• Confidentially.
• Anonymously, if requested.

We have highly trained representatives who pass a certification program to use the right interview techniques to get accurate and un-biased complaints. We set up a confidential method to report complaints to your management or executive committee. We follow up on complaints and we report the results to you.

Sarbanes Oxley requires this reporting of all public companies. Why should any organization introduce a hotline if not legally required to do so? Simply, to solve potential problems before they become problems and to save you money! Also, employees, customers and vendors who know they can report suspected problems anonymously and/or without fear of retaliation will be loyal to you.

Why should the reporting hotline be external? Simply, to provide the creditability that the reporting may be done without fear of retaliation! Also, you can leave the work to the experts, freeing up your people to run the business.

Costs are very reasonable. We can get you set up with a program in a couple of weeks.

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